Pearls & Studs Denim Shorts

Sadie & Sage Embellished Cutoff Denim Shorts in Light Wash

Hello super cute pearl denim shorts!!

During these super hot summer months you can bet you’ll find me wearing  denim short shorts all the time! Look in my closet and you are bound to see all kinds of fun and sometimes funky shorts. Plain denim shorts can get a little boring, so when I come across a pair of pearl and studs denim shorts like these I am over the moon!! I feel in love right away with these beauties and quickly added them to my rotation.

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Shorts (runs small, so get one size up!), also love this one, and this one

Top, also love this one and this one (on sale!)

Purse (not the exact color but its on sale!), love this one too

Shoes also love this one thats on sale