Sadie & Sage Embellished Denim Shorts

Pearls & Studs Denim Shorts

Sadie & Sage Embellished Cutoff Denim Shorts in Light Wash

Hello super cute pearl denim shorts!!

During these super hot summer months you can bet you’ll find me wearing  denim short shorts all the time! Look in my closet and you are bound to see all kinds of fun and sometimes funky shorts. Plain denim shorts can get a little boring, so when I come across a pair of pearl and studs denim shorts like these I am over the moon!! I feel in love right away with these beauties and quickly added them to my rotation.

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Shorts (runs small, so get one size up!), also love this one, and this one

Top, also love this one and this one (on sale!)

Purse (not the exact color but its on sale!), love this one too

Shoes also love this one thats on sale

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Perfect Summer Romper

I’m a romper lover by fault. You go into my closet and you’ll almost find as many romper/jumpsuits as you’ll find dresses. Now give me a romper, specially in white during the summer months and you can bet you’ll see me wearing it all the time!! You can never have enough white during the summer, that’s for sure.  This cutie from Tularosa is super comfortable, lightweight and best of all I didn’t need sticky tape! 😂 Plus how cute are my Pom Pom sandals? Yes, I’m sure you’ve seen them everywhere but now they are on a super sale, so if you don’t have one yet – this is the time!

This Look

Romper –  Tularosa, Option 2

Bag – Similar

Shoes –  Sam Eldeman

Sunglasses – Quay

Nails – OPI Taupe-less Beach

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Fashionable Bathing Suits To Wear This Summer

Bikini season is here and while shopping for new one pieces for me to wear this summer, I decided to round-up some fashionable bathing suits to wear this summer! I found a ton of amazing pieces, but these are by far the ones I loved the most – and they are in all price points.

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New Year, New Gear from Reebok

Happy Monday loves!! I have to admit, doing any kind of physical activity at 29 weeks pregnant is not something that comes easily to me. I seriously envy women that can workout up until the baby is born as if they aren’t even pregnant – I have NO idea how they do it when I can barely walk around target these days without my legs or my back wanting to give up on me. The struggle is real over here! haha

A nice walk down the street with Lola is as much exercise as I’m getting these days (besides chasing a toddler, which should totally be considered a workout!). As much as that alone sounds exhausting sometimes, having amazing new gear from Reebok will always motivate this fashion lover over here. Plus, even being 29 weeks pregnant I can wear my regular size Reebok pants and they still feel so comfortable – no maternity pants needed! The stretch is just amazing – so no complains whatsoever!

This Look

Leggings – Reebok Mix it Up Camo Tights, option 2

Jacket – Reebok Full Zip Track Jacket, option 2, option 3

Sneakers – Reebok Hayasu in Black, option 2

<img src=”″ height=”1″ width=”1″/>

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#PerfectNever with Reebok – Part 2


I’m at it again with Reebok and even though I’m 6 months pregnant right now, their leggings are still my go to! They are so comfy and perfect for a workout or to run errands around town while still looking stylish.  Their Perfect Never campaign has the best message – embody the confident, empowered and unapologetic spirit of womanhood – no matter what our size is! I just love the message and the power it has. Especially being über pregnant!

In this new campaign featuring Gigi Hadid, Reebok has a TON of super stylish options for every body type and every type of woman. I loved my outfit from the last post I did with Reebok and am still wearing it all the time! Check out that post here.

dsc_0262-1 dsc_0253 dsc_0248 dsc_0242

Leggings – Mesh Moves Legging

Sweater – Quilted Crew Sweatshirt

Sneakers – Hayasu Sneakers

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