DockATot – The Newborn Must Have

My love for DockATot is more real than ever! Before having little Dom I was already super interest in the portable co-sleeper, I could tell it would be super functional especially in the early months of his life.  Now, after a month of using it, I can’t live without it. Not only has it made it super convenient to put Dom to sleep pretty much anywhere, but it also keeps him snug and comfortable. He hates it when I put him in his crib without swaddling him, all the room he has in there doesn’t make him feel safe and comfortable since it’s definitely not “womb” like, but on the DockATot he feels so snug that he easily sleeps with no issues and most of the time without even having to be swaddled. The best part is that while planning some summer trips to the beach, I know I won’t have to take a huge pack and play for him – the DockATot will do the trick since he’s so little still!

This is most definitely a newborn must have for me and I definitely recommend it to any new mommy’s to be!