DockATot – The Newborn Must Have

My love for DockATot is more real than ever! Before having little Dom I was already super interest in the portable co-sleeper, I could tell it would be super functional especially in the early months of his life.  Now, after a month of using it, I can’t live without it. Not only has it made it super convenient to put Dom to sleep pretty much anywhere, but it also keeps him snug and comfortable. He hates it when I put him in his crib without swaddling him, all the room he has in there doesn’t make him feel safe and comfortable since it’s definitely not “womb” like, but on the DockATot he feels so snug that he easily sleeps with no issues and most of the time without even having to be swaddled. The best part is that while planning some summer trips to the beach, I know I won’t have to take a huge pack and play for him – the DockATot will do the trick since he’s so little still!

This is most definitely a newborn must have for me and I definitely recommend it to any new mommy’s to be!

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what to pack for the hospital, what to pack for delivery, hospital packing list, what to take to the hospital

What to Pack for the Hospital

what to pack for the hospital, what to pack for delivery, hospital packing list, what to take to the hospital

Hi loves, so it’s that time again to get all packed up for the hospital! You’d think the second time around things would be a lot simpler…but no, not much changes! I’m a typical over packer as is, and since I know I’m having a c-section and staying at least 3 days at the hospital I want to be fully prepared for this exciting time!

Not sure what to pack for the hospital? Well, I’m finally all packed up and ready to go! So I wanted to share with you guys from past experience and being that I know whats to come what I’m taking with me. Here’s my little list, and I hope it can help new mommies for the occasion.  If you guys think I’m missing something PLEASE let me know.

For Baby

  • Swaddle Blankets from Aden + Anais.  I have ton of these and used them so much with V. To be honest, I didn’t use them as much to swaddle, but more as a lightweight blanket, to cover the car seat or stroller or to use while feeding the baby. Of course you can use it as a swaddle blanket and they are great! However, V. was a super hyper baby and she just wouldn’t stay put in this swaddle. So I’m taking just one or two of these to use during the day, but at night I”ll use a different swaddle.
  • Swaddle by Swaddle Me, this little guy is a life saver! Super simple to use and will keep baby nice and swaddled all night long, no matter how active the baby is!
  • Newborn Diapers from The Honest Company.  I know my hospital provides diapers (check with your hospital if they do), but I’m a sucker for all things natural and organic so want to make sure to take my own diapers from since they are free of chemicals, chlorine and many other harmful little things.  Plus, how cute are they!?!
  • Baby Wipes from The Honest Company.  Now, my hospital does not provide baby wipes and asked for us to bring our own. Check with your hospital to make sure what they do and don’t provide for the baby so you can be prepared.
  • Diaper Cream, Also from The Honest Company. I’ve used this and still use it with V and she has never (knock on wood) had a diaper rash. I do use it very liberally and I definitely can’t complain since it’s worked so well for us
  • Hats I’m bringing quite a few, but my favorite is the one I got from Melondipity. Baby hats can be tricky as a lot of times they are ony one size and guess what….wont fit your newborn baby’s head. Melondipity (which is available on amazon prime!!) are fail proof! They are super little but stretch just right and without hurting your baby. Hats are pretty important in the first few days/weeks since their heads are so fragile. So I wouldn’t miss out on this one!
  • Socks, because baby socks are adorable and hospitals are always freezing! haha
  • Touch Ink Pad from Pearled. I know the hospital will do this for you a day or so after the baby is born, so I figured I’d get her little footprint out of the way and as soon as possible.
  • Nursing Pillow from Boppy so you can start nursing properly in the hospital.

For Mom

My list might be a little different than most moms because I know I’m having a c-section. For me loose clothing is a must, and honestly not as much walking around as I’d like – so no, you wont see me getting a starbucks in the hospital lobby in the morning – but you’d see the husband getting me one! 😉

  • Loose fitting dress I got a few from ASOS and Target. Nothing fancy, just dresses that I know would be easy for me to breastfeed, be loose on my c- section and cute enough to receive visitors.

  • Socks, your feet will be freezing in the hospital (so they say), so bring a few nice and comfy socks you like.
  • Pajamas from A Pea in the Pod and Target. I bought some cheap pajamas I won’t mind getting dirty to take with me.  Between blood, bandages, and other hospital things you don’t want to take something super nice.  So I’m keeping my nice pajamas at home.  Just be sure they open in the front for easy breastfeeding and are slip-ons to make it easier to take care of bandages etc.
  • Slippers  for walking around the hospital, going to the nursery etc. Love these from Urban Outfitters.
  • Paperwork – Make sure you gather all the paperwork you will need for checking in at the hospital and keep it in your car with your suitcase.  In my case I have my birth plan, c-section paperwork, paperwork my doctor gave me, my pre-registration hospital packet, information to give my nurse about the Cord Bank for the baby and also information regarding my placenta since I will be having it made into placenta pills.  So put together whatever it is you need the nurses to know –  you probably won’t want to explain yourself when you are in labor.
  • Ziplock Bag. Why you ask? Well, we have a dog and one of the best ways for your dog to prepare for the arrival of baby is to have the nurse put the cloth she used for the first bath of the baby into a zip lock bag.  I’m then going to have my mom come to my house and slowly open the bag so Lola (my dog) can smell the cloth and know the baby has arrived.  Leave the cloth near your dog so it can get used to the baby’s scent. I did this when V. was born and I think it worked really well for Lola.
  • Headbands, because I doubt I’ll have time to make my hair look pretty. So I figured this is the best way to look presentable to anyone visiting.
  • Nursing Bra, Definitely something you need to bring, especially if you are already lactating a little bit and baby isn’t even here yet! I got a couple of comfy ones also from Destination Maternity and this one from Target. Comfort is everything during this time, so like the ones I got, make sure you get unlined bras…you’ll thank me later! However, don’t go and get too many because I know once the milk comes in you’ll probably need an entire cup size bigger…if not more.
  • Undies form Destination Maternity, not the cutest ones in the world that’s for sure – but these post pregnancy undies are a must. They must have a back…no thongs ladies.  Sorry, but you’ll thank me later.
  • Robe from Macys.  I’m a sucker for robes, I love love love them and used it a lot at the hospital when V was born. and I don’t want to walk around in my pajamas. I don’t want to bring my favorite robe from Barefoot Dreams since I don’t want to get it dirty, so I opted for this affordable one, which is actually amazing!

Toiletries For Mom

I love everything travel sized or sample sized and always have them at home. I’m the queen of saving samples, and they will come in super handy in a 2-3 night stay situation like this one.

  • Deodorant
  • Nipple Balm from Mama Mio
  • Dry Shampoo from Amika which is by far my favorite ever!  Washing your hair at the hospital won’t be something you want to do, unless you have to. So I’d rather be safe and have this dry shampoo so I can try to look a little more human again after delivery.
  • Shampoo and Conditioner
  • Bottom Spray, I personally wont need this since I’m having a c-section, but super recommend it for all other moms. I heard this one from New Mama is great
  • Hair ties, clips and pins.
  • Make up Remover. With all the crying that will be going on, I can see this being a must! haha
  • Nursing Pads from Medela
  • Lip Balm is a must. Hospitals are super cold so definitely you definitely want to keep your lips from drying up. I will also take one from Sugar (for a little hint of color).
  • Travel Size Body Wash, Body Lotion and Face Wash
  • Mouthwash/ Toothbrush/Toothpaste
  • Sample Face Creams
  • Makeup – I just packed a little makeup bag of some of my little favorite things and am keeping it in my purse.  I figured the last thing I’ll want to do when It’s time to head to the hospital is put a little make up bag together.

For Dad

For my husband I packed practical and comfy things. So he can look good to anybody visiting but still be as comfortable as possible while sleeping in a most likely very uncomfortable couch.  Not pictured here are a pair of jeans and sneakers that I’ll be leaving in a separate bag in my car, just in case we have to rush to the hospital while my husband is still in his suit.

  • Comfy shirts he loves his Lululemon shirts which are a little softer and more comfortable.
  • Camera/ Camera Charger/Phone Charger
  • Socks
  • Flip Flops for showering
  • Toiletries
  • iPad and/or Laptop That way my husband can still do some work and keep his sanity while we are in the hospital.
  • Sweater – Let me tell you something, when I was in labor with V. my hormones were out of control and I was so freaking hot! I had our room freezing, even for my husband’s standards. So a sweater for him is a must!
  • Sweat Pants so he can sleep in.
  • Protein Bars or any snack your husband really likes. These are actually super important for the Labor/Delivery period.  The process can take super long and I know he’s not going to want to leave my side to go grab something to eat – especially because I won’t be able to eat anything either.  So packing these protein bars will keep him from starving.

Ride home

  • Car seat from Maxi Cosi.  Make sure you have your car seat all set up in your car.  They won’t let you leave the hospital with the baby without a proper car seat.
  • Car seat Blanket from Little Giraffe

Sounds like a lot right? But honestly once you pack everything it’s not that bad. I hope this little list can help some new time mommies get organized and feel prepared.  Please let me know if you guys think I might be forgetting something essential.  Now it’s just a waiting game for my little man to arrive. We are ready!

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Valentina’s First Birthday Cake Smash


Yes, I know I’m about 3 months late in posting these pictures – but better late than never! Valentina’s Cake Smash session was quite the excitement. At first she wasnt super interested in the cake, well actually she never was very interested in the cake at all! She was however, super interested in running around Kristen Weaver’s studio and causing quite the chaos – typical V. We did however manage to capture some super cute pictures that I will for sure treasure for the rest of my  life.

KW4_1192 KW4_1129
KW4_1191 KW4_1097 KW4_1095
KW4_1127 KW4_1228

Photographer – Kristen Weaver photo

Cake – Bake Me a Cake

Background – A Girl and Her Glitter

Crown – Love Crush Bow

Tutu – Sunday Bowtique

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Valentina’s First Birthday

first birthday decor, bunny birthday, cinderella cake, birds birthday, pink birthday decor

This past weekend Valentina turned one and I honestly still can’t believe it! This past year flew by and my little baby is now officially a toddler that runs around everywhere and has quite a little personality already. Do I miss her baby ways? YES, so much! However, at the same time I’m beyond enjoying this new little phase where she understands me, can communicate what she wants better and is so so loving and cuddly. I guess its true what they way, every phase of your child’s live has unique and beautiful moments to it….so enjoy them all!

Planning V’s birthday was super fun for me. Even though we tried to keep it small with just close family and friends, her party quickly added up to about 70 people…yes my home. Ahhh! It was a little heart attack moment when I realized the amount of people who were actually coming, however it honestly turned out pretty great.  I wanted to share some of the pictures from her birthday, especially her cake table which I honestly took so much pride into making it super special for her birthday. I actually did the tulle skirt myself, which took quite a long time to say the least, however it turned out great and its something I’ll be able to use again and again in the future.  The cake and sweets couldn’t have been more beautiful and everyone I worked with to make my ideas come true were amazing and extremely talented individuals. Hence the result….. so dreamy.

DSC_0642 (1) DSC_0653 (1) DSC_0652 DSC_0643DSC_0651 DSC_0649 DSC_0657 DSC_0667 DSC_0668 DSC_0669 DSC_0666 DSC_0670 DSC_0671 DSC_0673 DSC_0645 DSC_0646 DSC_0661 DSC_0662 DSC_0665


IMG_2372 IMG_2383 DSC_0683 DSC_0682IMG_2385 IMG_2459

Cake – Bake Me A Cake Orlando

Sweets – Sweet Art by Larissa Macedo

Flower Wall – A Girl and Her Glitter

Catering – Bem Bom Food Truck

V’s Dress – L’Enfant Lune

My Dress – BCBG


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Holiday Dresses For Your Little Princess


Christmas and New Years are just around the corner and if you are a mommy like me planning your little ones outfit is probably more important than your own! While looking for V’s outfits for the holidays I rounded up my favorite splurge and steal looks for the little princess in your life! Best part, there’s still time to get your little outfit before Christmas, so hurry up and snag up that cute little dress!



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